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      Welcome: Hebei Tianyuan Technology CO.,LTD
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      About us

      Hebei Tianyuan Technology Co.,Ltd(formely named Xingtai Tianyuan Bycicletd.Have branch of Xingtai Tongxing Kids Toy Co.,Ltd.)Mainly produce kids bicycles,toys and bike spare parts and accessories and through ISO9001 International Quality Test.Its annual export value exceeds 20 million dollars.The company is growing in size and High-Tech innovation on products.The company have the rights to import and export.

      The company locate in the world's largest bicycle parts production base.International Kids Bicycle Market-High-tech Development Zone,Hegumiao Town,Xingtai City,Hebei Province.The company enjoys advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation.

      It is 50kilometres west of Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail,Beijing-HongKong-Macao high-speed(G4),50kilometres away from the Beijing-Kowloon Railway in the east,and 10 kilometres away from the Daqin-Guangzhou(G45).It is a base for purchases by domestic and foreign merchants.

      Tianyuan Technology Company is committed to production ,research and development,bicycles,kids bikes and toys,E-bike,spare parts and accessories. Our products are not only sold well over 30 provinces and cities but also form a complete set to appointed factory. Overseas the products mainly export  to Mexico,Argentina,Chile,Brazil,Jamaica,Peru,Candan,Vietnam,Myanmar,Philippines,Poland,France,Germany,Italy,Netherlands,Turkey,Russia,Ukraine,Iran,Afghanistan,SaudiArabia,Egypt,Sudan,Libya,Algeria,Nigeria,Tanzania,Ghana,Zimbabwe,Guinea,Madagascar,Togo,Israel,South Africa and many other countries and regions.

      Tianyuan Technology has always advocated the enterprise spirit of “rigorous, pragmatic, innovative and dedication”, pursues the quality policy of “occupying the market by quality, winning customers by service”, adheres to the business philosophy of “integrity service, brand building” and strengthens internal management. Continuously improve quality, enhance technological innovation, and strive to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Tianyuan Technology's tomorrow is willing to share with customers at home and abroad.




      Contact: Dong

      Phone: 18233983999

      Tel: 0319-7883091

      Email: ty@tianyuanbike.com

      Add: Hegumiao Industrial Zone Xingtai City.Hebei P.R.China